So, I think I have it set up now so that if you post a comment in the website, it will automatically post to Edmodo.  Edmodo only checks for updates once an hour, so it may take awhile to show up, but I think will work.
11/22/2009 11:32:56 pm

thats cool i think edmodo is awesome

Mrs. de Vries
11/23/2009 12:48:22 am

I think it is too, Ricky. It's really easy to use. I'm really trying to figure out a way to make this all easy and interconnected instead of it being 5 different things to check and manage. Take my survey on Edmodo, if you haven't already.

Alexis Pena
11/23/2009 09:40:01 am

Hey,this is so cool! are we going to be able to talk to Mr.Pachal's class to?

Alexis Pena
11/24/2009 09:29:14 am

hey,i think edmodo is so cool because you can chat with freinds and all that stuff!! COOL :D

11/24/2009 09:31:50 am

This is soooo cool. I absolutely love Edmodo!

sierra b.
12/2/2009 10:31:10 am

wow this is awsome!lolz we go to edmodo we go to rolibrary!


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