April is National Poetry Month

In the library we have been recognizing National Poetry Month by creating some poetry of our own.  Below are a number of our fourth graders' poems.  Enjoy!

I am hope
I wonder if I will be successful
I hear the sound of rushing water
I see all my friends gathered around me
I want to be an author some day
I am hope
I pretend that I’m a warrior in battle
I feel the air of a cool fall day
I touch the fuzz of my favorite jacket
I worry about my future
I cry when times are hard
I am hope
I understand why the sky is blue
I say I have hope
I dream in a sweet happy world
I am hope

I am a curious star
I wonder what is up above
I hear a shout loud and clear
I see an angel singing hello
I want to know who will love me
I am flutter in the room
I pretend I’m an angel in the sky
I feel someone is watching me
I touch the heavens up above
I worry about the pets I love
I cry every night above the stars
I am a shooting star
I understand nothing is wrong
I say I love you and will never forget you
I dream my love is there with me
I am a curious star

I am Payton
I wonder about everything
I hear my dog bark
I see my bed
I want to sleep
I am exotic
I pretend to punch my big brother
I feel good
I touch the green grass
I worry about my grades
I cry when I’m hurt
I am hilarious
I understand big words
I say dude a lot
I dream about monsters
I am Payton

I am curious
I wonder where my place in the world is
I hear the birds chirp
I see people everywhere
I want to know what I do best
I am curious
I pretend sometimes I am fun and I am cool
I feel lonely sometimes
I touch the smooth grass that I walk on
I worry if people like to hang out with me
I cry when I am hurt
I am curious
I understand so many things
I say I’m fun
I dream that I am a soldier sometimes
I am curious

I am different
I wonder about my future
I hear birds chirping
I see the world
I want to be the best I can be
I am Nora
I pretend I can fly into the sky
I feel great about myself
I touch the soft sand
I worry about my future
I cry about terrible things
I am the best I can be
I understand that everybody’s different
I say hello
I dream to the stars
I am wonderful me

I am Iron Man
I wonder if you have a soda can
I hear the voices of that man
I see the day when the world will end
I want that soda can!
I am awesome dude
I pretend that I am not rude
I feel that I am that creepy dude
I touch that dirty dude
I worry never
I cry none
I am a gun
I understand that I am fun
I say the words bang
I dream that I am in a gang
I am that kid

I am curious
I wonder what?
I hear wind blowing the leaves
I see birds singing in the trees
I want to be a teacher
I am curious
I pretend to be a teacher
I feel red roses
I touch prickly, prickly pears
I worry if I’m going to be a teacher
I cry tears of joy
I am curious
I understand about teaching
I say I love red roses
I dream about teaching
I am curious still at the end

I am an outdoor girl
I wonder what Mt. Everest is like
I hear music
I see funny figures moving across the room
I want to play Pachelbel’s Canon on the piano
I am an outdoor girl
I pretend I can touch the sky
I feel my pencil moving
I touch my book
I worry about burglars
I cry when I’m sad
I am an outdoor girl
I understand the cycle of life
I say treat them like you want them to treat you
I dream I will meet J.K. Rowling
I am an outdoor girl

I am curious
I wonder about space
I hear no nonsense
I see objects
I want a little sunshine
I am amazing
I pretend that my dolls are alive
I feel the smooth grass that tickles my feet
I touch rough things
I worry about everything
I cry when I am sad
I am a curious little fellow
I understand that I am me
I say this is the real world
I dream of meeting Christina Aguilera
I am Zoe

I am awesome
I wonder what the world will be in a hundred years
I hear the sound of my friends
I see me
I want to be a pro football player
I am awesome
I pretend to be me in a Dojo
I feel the grass
I touch the ground
I worry about a lot of stuff
I cry of joy
I am awesome
I understand my friends
I say stuff
I dream of lots of stuff
I am awesome

I am funny
I wonder about what jokes to tell
I hear jokes from my friends
I see funny faces from my friend Payton
I want to hear all the funny jokes in the world
I am athletic
I pretend to be the best athlete
I feel awesome at gymnastics
I touch the bars at the gym and pull up to it
I worry that I will fail at being an thlete
I cry that I just hit my neck on the bar
I am kind of smart
I understand multiplication
I say 7 x 6 = 42
I dream that I will do good in school
I am me

I am Ryan
I wonder who’s lyin’
I hear extraordinary
I see ordinary
I want to be un-ordinary
I am Ryan
I pretend to be cryin’
I feel sad
I touch my dad
I worry not
I cry alot
I am Ryan
I understand when I’m ninety I’ll be dyin’
I say wow
I dream of a cow
I am Ryan

I am frustrated
I wonder how I’m every going to get this poem done
I hear people finishing
I see people writing away
I want to get this poem done but I don’t know how
I am actually kind of happy I’m making some progress
I pretend I’m actually going to finish in time
I feel worried because time’s almost up
I touch my pencil
I worry I’m not going to finish
I cry about nothing
I am almost done
I understand that this is a great poem
I say I’m almost done
I dream I’m actually going to be done
I am happy I finally finished

I am adventurous
I wonder what my future is like
I hear music
I see animals
I want to go to college at Belmont
I am a sister of 5
I pretend to be a veterinarian
I feel the raindrops on my face
I touch a book cover
I worry about my brothers
I cry when I don’t know what to do
I am a happy person
I understand what I need to
I say what I think I should say
I dream nightmares and happy dreams
I am me.