Great Summer Connections

I have been wanting to have some way for us all to stay connected, reading, writing, and sharing over the summer, and I think I have it now.  As with everything I do, it's an idea in progress, but I want to get it out there to you now while we're still seeing each other every day at school.  Then, once I have a bit more time (when school's out.. in only one small week!), I'll add more details.  I know some of you are real go-getters though and will be ready to roll with this right away. 

So, here's what you will need to do this summer:
    1.  Read a bunch (use books, ipods, e-readers, comics, magazines, newspapers, etc),
    2.  Take a picture of yourself reading in unusual or interesting places, and
    3.  Go to our edmodo site and click on the spotlight to see the "alert" explaining how to get your picture included in our Summer Book Pics edmodo group.  I'll try to get a video tutorial loaded on to the edmodo library in the next few days.
     4.  At the end of August, I'll do a poll to see which three pictures are the best (most interesting, clever, or creative) and take the "winners" out to the Frosty Spoon for an end of the summer treat!

Now, go check out this link to the Summer Sweepstakes being done in the midwest by two teachers I follow on twitter, @ShannonMiller and @MrSchuReads, to see where I got this super cool summer reading connections idea.

I also created a new group for book discussions over the summer, so you can read and "book-chat" your way through the summer.  You can check it out too at  Happy reading kiddos!