All About Books- 
Sixth Grade Book "Reports:"

Book reports in our library can look a little different than you're used to seeing! Students have a choice of how they present their book "reports" to the class.  They can construct a model, write a poem, draw a comic, perform a scene from the book, write a traditional report, make a flip book, interview a main character, or use most any creative means of sharing their book with us.  One student even made a lego stop motion video!  Whatever they choose, the students then use that as a basis for their oral presentation to the class... and they are AWESOME!  Reports are videotaped, edited, and played back to the class at the end of the term so kids can see the end result of all their hard work. As you can see by clicking on the links below, they turn out great!
Movies- Stop Motion and Flip
Power Point Presentations