Destiny Card Catalog:  This is the link to the same card catalog you use at school to look up books.
: a social network we're trying out

Flocabulary:  presents the previous week's news in a rap format.  So, tap to the beat and learn the news...then leave a comment on our blog about it!  click here to link to our blog login page

Mrs. P's website:  This site has fun games, books, contests, and more.  Check it out!  a wiki for collaborative writing in our classes and beyond-  more to come on that soon!

Scholastic YouTube Channel:  it's just what it says it is...a channel on YouTube by Scholastic.  You can find movies about new books and interviews with authors on this site.

Scratch:  This is a site hosted by M.I.T. (Massachussettes Institute of Technology), which allows you to "create and share your own interactive stories, games, music, and art."  For those of you interested in creating and designing in any form, this is the site for you!  Future video game designers, give it a shot.

Tween an online newspaper with current, real news articles geared toward kids.  Click on this link, then go to the student sign up link to create your account so you can comment.

Voicethread:  a site used to record audio comments, type comments, and write on the picture you provide.  Check out some of the voicethreads done by students from last year.

World Book Online:  Click here to access a wealth of up-to-date information on world topics.  This is a great resource.

Internet Safety:

Research Links & AR Lists:

Use these links to access some of the research sources we've talked about.  Let me know if there are other sources you think we should include for making research easy and successful.  This is also the page where I keep a fairly updated list of our current AR quizzes.  

Roosevelt's AR Quizzes by Title and by Level:

If you want to know the AR point value of a book in the Roosevelt library, click on one of the quiz options below.  If you want to know the AR point value of a book that we DON'T have in the Roosevelt library, you can click here- Renaissance Learning.

Roosevelt's AR quizzes by Title
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Roosevelt's AR quizzes by Level
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