Below are instructions on how to create your wordle book report.  I have also posted the instructions in edmodo for you.  Be sure to follow each step and go all the way through the instructions so you don't lose any of your hard work!  
How to make a wordle


Step 1:         go to (NOT .com)

Step 2:         click “create”

Step 3:         where it says “paste in a bunch of text,” type in your answers from the book report form- be sure to check your spelling

Step 4:         click “go”

Step 5:         choose the colors and layout you like by scrolling down and clicking “randomize” until you see a look you like

Step 6:         click “save to public gallery”

***These next steps are VERY important.  Follow exactly or you will lose all your work.***

If you are creating your wordle at school, follow the “AT SCHOOL” instructions.  If you are working on it at home, follow the “AT HOME” instructions.


Step 1:         go to the “file” menu

Step 2:         click “save as”

Step 3:         choose the V: drive

Step 4:         choose ROstudent24

Step 5:         choose Library

Step 6:         choose Wordle

Step 7:         SAVE


Step 1:         go to the “file” menu

Step 2:         click “mail link to this page”

Step 3:         put in as the recipient (who it’s going to)

Step 4:         put your name in the subject line so I know who it’s from (it’s okay to erase whatever is automatically there)

Step 5:         you’re done

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Looks fun Ill have to try it!!!!!


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