I've been so excited to see all the visitors we're getting to our site!  Audrey and Savannah we got a visit (see our Guestbook comments) from the class with the blog you visited in Australia.  Maybe we can see if we can work on a writing project together with them.  We've also gotten visitors to our site from France, New Zealand, England, Canada and all over the U.S.  Our superintendent has checked out our site too.
Make sure you bring your parents in on Open House night (this coming Tuesday) and show them how to make a comment.  I'll take pictures of you and your parents commenting and post them on here.  
taylor mom
10/5/2010 10:42:14

i think everybody should have there own opinion. they are interesting and informative all in one.i think that it is true that you should be careful of what you put on the computer because it will never go away and you dont know who will see it.


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