We're going to visit some classes around the world.  Below are some links to school websites in England, New Zealand, and Australia.  We can leave them some comments and hopefully they'll visit us too!  When you comment, be sure to tell them:
1.   where we are
2.  how to find our blog (our web address is rolibrary.weebly.com)
3.  something you think is interesting on their site
4.  that we'd love to hear from them. 

Click on these links below to explore three types of blogs:

England (Nottinghamshire)
New Zealand (St. Clair)
Australia (Sydney)
Australia (see if you can figure out where)
Pondo (Mr. Rickett's class)

i like this website but i had many problems with the connection.I would like to try again later.Other than the connection problems I liked switcharoozoo.com

tyler and lyndan

we just played switcharoozoo and it was very funny and weird
we made a bear eat an elaphant


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