Woo hoo, here's our Internet Safety Rap!  Thank you so much to Joseph Foster, All-American point guard for the OIT Hustlin' Owls, for helping us out on our rap.  You all did a great job!  Be sure to send the link to your friends and family so they can let us know what they learned from our video.  Nice work.   

(It takes a little while for the rap movie to load, but once it does you don't have to wait for buffering.  Just click the triangle, then walk away, get a drink of water and come back to enjoy the show!)
11/2/2010 02:56:17 am

This video is pretty well done. It looks like everyone in the rap put in a lot of effort and work into making this video. It was probably a fun way to tell everybody who watches it about online etiquette and safety. To bad I don’t go to Roosevelt otherwise I would have also really enjoyed making this internet safety rap. I hope that this video gets lots of views and nice comments. The video also took no time at all to buffer on the computer that I am using.

11/2/2010 02:56:59 am

I think this was pretty impresive. I think all of them must of put alot of hard work in to it. I really enjoyed it.

11/2/2010 02:57:32 am

To be honest it was very good and funny at the same time. They could rap better then I could if I did that.

11/2/2010 02:57:43 am

the rap is amazing and the kids were great and they did know the rap pretty well and joesph and is he from ku cause he looks like he is from ku

11/2/2010 02:58:10 am

That video was pretty cool. i learned alot from that video. And now I know how to be safe on the internet.

11/2/2010 02:58:22 am

That was very interisting how kids now how to rap and for adsults to know what rap is but I think you guys need a couple more lines but still it was a great job on the video I know i cant do that kind of stuff.

11/2/2010 02:58:30 am

I think it is smart to make songs or poems out of the important rules of the internet because it really helps people remember the rules and importance of what you are saying especially when it is maybe catchy and gets stuck in your head.

11/2/2010 02:58:49 am

This is an awesome rap that explains the rules that you need to know before you go on the internet and share information with others. I like the line when it says, "If you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it to another." When you get to eighth grade like me you will need to know this before you can publish your website. Good job Roosevelt.

11/2/2010 02:58:56 am

hey that was a cool rap for some little kids i wouldnt of had a nough guts to do that cause im so shy but all that you guys said is funny

11/2/2010 02:59:00 am

That was a really awesome video! I think you used good rhyming words and I think that you all said your parts well. None of you really stuttered or tripped over your words. I wish that we had done something like that when I went to Roosevelt, that would have been fun! Good Job Guys!!!!

11/2/2010 03:00:38 am

That’s a good internet rap seems like you all had fun singing it keep up the good work I look forward to seeing what you guy and girls will do next

11/2/2010 03:00:50 am

Hey Roosevelt, your "Internet Safety Rap" is really cool, yet funny at the same time. I think it's awsome that you guys are getting most of the school to participate in this video, because our school wouldn't do that willingly. See Yah!

11/2/2010 03:07:25 am

Seems like it was something fun for them to do and had a lot of useful knowledge. Its nice when you can turn learning into a useful tool that is both imformational and fun to make. Its good that the kids got to interact and share their knowledge with a beat and rhyme. Most things come easier if you can just think up the tune with the words and use that to help you to be safe on the internet and it can also help in other subjects.

Brandon T.
11/2/2010 03:15:01 am

Ha-ha you guys are funny. That was a cool and true song!! Don’t worry when you get to pondo you won’t get trash canned because it’s not scary! Ponderosa is just another boring school. But the dances and reward party’s are fun so don’t get detention!

11/2/2010 04:17:27 am

I really love this rap! It's so cool, yet educational at the same time! I love it~ I wish I had iMovie, it's so much cooler th an WMM.

11/2/2010 04:28:42 am

that was funny. Good job guys. (:

11/2/2010 06:28:38 am

That was a pretty cool video it was funny to watch the rap I hope you guys had fun raping.

11/2/2010 06:35:31 am

Wow!!! that was so cool guys. I learnd allot.You did really good. I am Impressed

Ms. Cole's Class
11/3/2010 03:30:51 am

Some of the things we learned were:
1. If it's a college site, you can trust it and rely on it more than some sites.
2. Not everything online is true, so check more than one or two sources so that you know your information is correct.
3. Be respectful when you are online.
4. Don't be a cyber bully- Don't be mean to other people online.
5. Don't steal other people's work- copyright info matters.

Mr. Young's class
11/3/2010 03:52:04 am

We learned:
1. If you put something on the Internet that you wouldn't say to your parents it probably isn't okay to do it. You'd be respectful to your mother, so you should use that as a guide for what you put online.
2. It's cool to do the right thing on the Internet, so you don't get in trouble.
3. Don't go to bad sites.

Mrs. Laitinen/Mrs. Thompson's class
11/3/2010 04:28:45 am

We learned:
1. Go to a college site because it's probably true and you can get more information.
2. If you want to know something for sure is true, check at least three different sources.
3. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, you shouldn't say it to someone else, because it's a way to tell if it's disrespectful or inappropriate or just plain not okay.
4. Don't put something online if you aren't wanting it to stay there forever.

11/3/2010 11:36:26 am

Impressive rap video! The sixth graders got it going on! I see you've learned alot about safety on the net.

11/6/2010 04:18:46 am

hey this was super fun! and i think we should do it with all the classes so everyone could have fun with diffrent rhymes!

12/18/2010 08:52:41 am

Your rap is cool.If I ever were to watch a rap it would this one.Roosevelt library ROCKS!!The sixth graders are really good.Also my brother has it going on! sixth graders rock!!!!!!


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