Hey people, this is a link to the wordle that the Pelican Library students made about television versus books.  What do you think?  Is it the same thing to watch a movie for two hours as it is to read a book for two hours.
Pelican School Library Wordle

Ms. Bassett's class
11/16/2010 05:47:45 am

We think that you learn things from T.V. and from books, so they both can be good. Some of us think that reading a book for two hours is better because your not just staring at a screen, you're actually doing something. You learn more when you read a book because of that. Also, you can walk around while you're reading a book, but if you just sit and watch T.V., you might get fat and lazy.

Here is a link to our wordle about the Black Lagoon series.


Mrs. Wiley's class
11/17/2010 01:46:13 am

Some of us think that T.V. rots your brain and reading is good. If you play video games you can lose track of time. If you play games too much they can become addictive. When you read you'll get better and better at it and like it more and more. If you read you'll get smarter. When you read your vocabulary improves.
We like to read lots of books and we've been reading Black Lagoon books in library. Here's a link to our wordle we made about the Black Lagoon series.



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