Here's a little preview while you wait for our video.  These are some excerpts from our "celebrity rapper," Joseph!

We're working this week on the finishing touches for our Internet Safety rap.  Until then, here are the lyrics the kids and I came up with...

Online Safety Rap

This is our Internet Rap…

We’re gonna take some time,   To share a little rhyme…

So when you’re on the ‘net,   You won’t regret.

Now pull up a seat,  And listen to the beat


First thing to be aware, you need to think before you share:


Be careful what you put online, it won’t come off anytime

Giving out personal info isn’t fine, when you are online

Be careful what you put online, someone might be 49.


Second thing is tact, you gotta think before you act:


If you show respect, people won’t reject.

Make sure what you say is true, you don’t want people turning on you

Don’t steal, fo’ real;

If you didn’t make it, check before you take it.

Think before you post; be careful what you boast.

Don’t be rude, ‘cause you’re in a bad mood.

If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, don’t say it to another


Third thing to know, is where you can go:


If it’s a college site,  it is probably right.

Remember of course, to always check your source.

If the site is from a college,  you’ll get more knowledge.

Click “about us” to know it’s true,  or you might not have a clue

Cuz, just because they show it, doesn’t mean they know it.

So, check 3 sources, when you need resources

Here’s a tip for you, check 3 sources to know it’s true

Teri and Darrin made this rap
10/28/2010 02:05:10 pm

Way cool rap
Now I wanna clap

You guys rock
You should take to the block

Glad you don't steal
Keepin' it fo' real

Now we got to go
Can't wait fo' the show

Mrs. de Vries
10/29/2010 03:00:16 am

I love it! If we do a sequel, we'll have you two on the lyrics team! :)

11/2/2010 04:17:58 am

i love your rap.


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