Write a story!  Be an author!  Get published!
There's a really cool website you should check out called MrsP.com.  It's a free site with interactive games, coloring sheets, videos, and activities.  There are lots of stories to listen to, each of which has read along options so you can see the words.  The website has received The National Parenting Center 2009 Seal of Approval and the American Library Association distinction of "Great Website for Kids."
To help encourage kids to create their own stories, Mrs. P holds an  annual writing contest, which is open to submissions until October 15, 2010.  The winners will have their stories read by Mrs. P on her website for all the world to hear.  They will also receive a bound and illustrated copy of their entry – the child’s own story made into a real book!  The details of the contest can be found at  www.contest.mrsp.com
You can follow Mrs. P on twitter at http://twitter.com/MrsPstorytime

9/15/2010 12:57:36

this looks so COOL! i should totally
do this!and lily, she is awsome!

9/22/2010 05:51:24

this pretty awesome, i just want to know how to sign up, and how turn in your story.

9/22/2010 05:56:23

That looks like it would be hard to beat with all that imaginary stuff [on the front].I would love to do it.


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