Words to blog by...
I found these blogging guidelines on a cool classroom blog  from New Zealand and I thought they were very good.  It gives us a good place to start and then we can modify them and make our own list.
Room 7 Bloggers:

* Think before they post. Once something is posted, it can be online forever.

* Don't post anything they don't want others to know—or that you wouldn’t say to them face to face.

* Respect their friends too—that ‘funny’ photo of them might not be so funny for them, and they might not be very happy if it is posted for everyone in the world to see.

*Treat others as they would like to be treated.

* Respect other people’s content. For example, a photo that a friend took is their property, not ours. It can only be posted online if they say it can be.

* Keep their personal information private. They don’t share personal details like their name, address or phone number with people they don’t already know in real life.

Show your people how to leave a comment on our way cool Roosevelt Library website/blog.  Then go to the home page and have them sign in on the "contact" sheet so we can send them links to some of the great things you do with Mrs. de Vries.
Students are starting to take a look around the blog and begin making their first comments.  As they become more proficient, they will get greater freedom to author their own posts and potentially their own personal blogs.  
Look at the focus!  I think it's pretty cool to see them hard at work and having fun.

I just found this rap that goes through some of the big news from the summer.  My understanding is that each week during the school year they will put out a rap covering that week's news (click here to go to their site and see new weekly episodes).  Take a look and see what you think.  After watching it:  is there news that you already knew?  did you learn any news?  did you look up any information or ask anyone what it was talking about?  Comment, comment, comment.  What do you think of it?  Make sure your comments are at least three sentences long and be specific!