This is an example of a new format we're going to try out for book reports this year.  My example took about 5 minutes to complete and is extremely incomplete in terms of the book report aspect. I think you all will have a great time with it, but we need to really make sure the quality of the information is way better than what I threw together here.  We'll talk in class and go through the specifics next week. Happy Bunny tells about Cranberry Easter by eddiethecat

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!
I found a really cool new site that I think you all will like for our book reviews.  It kind of has a "facebook" feel to it and it can link to our site here.  I've put a tab at the top of our page (right after "our blog") that should take you right to it.  Then, when you are done at the book review site (, there is an arrow in the top left corner to bring you back to the Roosevelt Library website's home page.

In order to make comments on the site or post a book review, you will need to login with your first name only and the following email "rolibrary+your"- Put your first name only where I wrote your name, everything else in the address should be identical.  This will make it go through my library account, so it will mean that I will see and approve everything.  Before you post anything I will approve the email for you.  It should be pretty quick.  See me at school if you have any problems with this.
Take a look at this digital book report site and let Mrs. de Vries know if you're interested in creating a "book report" with a chance to win up to $20,000 in prizes.  There's a ton of information there and it's a lot to understand, but we can do it if there's enough motivation.  Also, take a look at the book reports kids did in sixth grade last year to get some ideas.