Wikis sound to me like some small furry creature from Star Wars!  They aren't though.  See if you can find out what a wiki is by next class.  We'll talk about it and watch a short video on Wednesday (assuming our internet is working!).
It's good to see some of you have already been able to use this blog.  Hopefully it will end up being better for us.  Let me know what you think by taking the poll on the "cool links" page.  I don't have anything besides the poll on the cool links page, but I plan to add on the link to Roosevelt's AR tests, the online encyclopedia, and other stuff that I think will be useful for you.  I'd love to hear your suggestions for what other things you'd like to see as part of our library webpage.
Hi there, sixth graders... now I'm testing your ability to be flexible.  As you know, I've been frustrated with the inability to consistently get to the old blog and then, once a comment is made on the blog, it's been hard to follow easily.  I think this site will do a better job of making the comments visible without major searching under the different blog posts.  We'll see.