Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in our school district, my job will officially end on June 13th.  So, what happens to this website?  I have a number of students who have been very concerned about the loss of this site and about what will happen with our classes' edmodo site.  After giving it some thought, I've decided that I will keep the site and determine at the end of the summer whether there is any need to keep it up or if it should be permanently retired.  In the meantime, I added a requested "summer fun" page at the top for kids to stay connected to books and each other.

I have loved being in the library here and have learned a phenomenal amount.  I came into this position four years ago with no background in technology or library sciences and I have grown tremendously in my knowledge of both.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with kids in grades K-6th and the variety that gave me.  I like change and learning keeps me energized, so I don't feel completely unhappy about this latest transition in my life.  I see it as an opportunity for me; however, the last day when I walk out of this place that so much feels like me, I will definitely have tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart.

   -Mrs. de Vries

Parents of Roosevelt students, you can use the contact form below to provide your email address so I can inform you about what your kids are working on in library.  Once you click "submit" it will not be visible to anyone but me. (Mrs. de Vries)

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